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Student * Storyteller * Historian * Advocate * Explorer * Traveler

I am a freelance writer, storyteller, a bit of a nomad, and an occasional entrepreneur. I am currently earning a master's degree in cultural heritage management from Johns Hopkins University. 


Cultural heritage management was born from archaeology and includes aspects of anthropology, history, social science, museum practice, architecture, economics, and conservation. In my program I study management and leadership in the field, cultural resource law, public history practice, heritage interpretation, heritage tourism, collections management, historic preservation, and more. I am passionate about culture, heritage, history, and illuminating the importance of how the past influences the present...and the future. I am particularly interested in the intersection of cultural heritage and natural heritage.


In addition, I am currently drafting a work of narrative nonfiction on the life of my great, great Aunt, Maria Chabot, and her curious friendship with the "Mother of American Modernism", Georgia O'Keeffe. A blog dedicated to this adventure can be accessed below or from the menu at the top of this page.

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