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I am a writer, digital storyteller, and consultant specializing in the research, creation, and implementation of engaging and accessible heritage communications and program initiatives. I am passionate about culture, heritage, history, and illuminating the importance of how the past influences the present–and the future. 

My particular interests fall at the intersection of cultural heritage, natural heritage, and public history. The cultural landscapes born of these connections offer endless opportunities to craft socio-ecological coevolutionary narratives that can be instrumental in planning for heritage endeavors–from tourism, recreation, and community-building to conservation, education, and identification of alternative values. 

I value programs and communications that stimulate learning, independent thinking, conversation, action, and stewardship while also being inclusive, accessible, community-oriented, and values-based.

I am currently finishing up the draft of a book on the life of my great, great Aunt, Maria Chabot, and her curious friendship with the "Mother of American Modernism", Georgia O'Keeffe. A blog dedicated to this adventure can be accessed below or from the menu at the top of this page.

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