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INVITE: "Georgia and the Butch" Free, Online, Jan. 7


I wanted to invite anyone who's interested to join me in experiencing this free dramatic presentation of selected letters between Georgia O'Keeffe and Maria Chabot. The event will take place January 7, 2023 at 7pm EST (6 Central/5 Mountain/4 Pacific).

The details are above and here is the Zoom registration link

This event is created and presented by award-winning writer and playwright, Carolyn Gage , who has been called "one of the best lesbian playwrights in America".

Carolyn and I virtually met through this blog and in our conversations she has provided me much perspective about Maria, her lived experience, and her relationships. I am honored that she has invited me to participate in this event and I am hoping I can answer questions or provide insight about the complicated, complex, and charismatic individual Maria was–and how/why her place in the historical narrative has largely been marginalized, mischaracterized, and even ignored entirely.

Happy holidays to you and I hope to "see" you in the New Year - Jan. 7, to be specific ;)

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